Top 10 Betting Sites UK

Rewind a couple of decades and online betting was a relatively new concept that began with a digital poker site which launched in the late 90s. It was quickly followed by competitor sites that released their own card betting platforms in response, and the idea of gambling money online quickly caught on. There followed a surge of websites that allowed players to place their bets no matter what the game. Football, boxing, horse racing, tennis and golf were all available and online betting is still hugely popular today with a market that adds up to millions of pounds a year.

While there are no specific laws that prevent people from gambling online, the UK does have some limitations depending on the type of games betted on. Many betting companies and operators are free to take bets from players online, just as they once did by phone, but other games are restricted. It can all get a bit confusing, but it is largely due to laws requiring people to be present on the premises to make a bet. The legislation affects betting activity on things like bingo, lotteries, and casino games. 

For those who wish to try their hand at gambling online, here are some of the best betting sites in the UK. 

1. Best Sports Betting Sites

Finding a site that caters to an all-around selection of sports isn’t that difficult, but some sites are better than others. Many well-known high street betting shops have a website where you can sign up and place bets on rugby, golf, and other games. If you have time to compare sites, then you can find things like tempting sign-up offers just for registering with the website. Claim free money and use it to place your first bet. 

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2. Best Football Betting Sites

If football is your game of choice, then you will need a site that regularly updates all the latest stats and scores, and that offers favourable odds. Some websites feature an app for easy access to information and allow players to place bets on the go. Making keeping up with the latest results simple, and bets can be placed with just a couple of taps on the screen. An array of price boosts, rewards, and betting options enhances the experience for players and provides a reason to be loyal. 

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3. Best Sites for Betting Odds

Having good odds will of course mean higher winnings and make specific bets more appealing for specific players. For this reason, it is worth shopping around to find online betting sites which offer premium odds. No matter what the game, being able to win more back for your initial stake is always good news for players, so sites that are creative or think outside the box to give you a financial boost are the ones to look out for.

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4. Best Withdrawal Times

Winning a fortune on an each-way horse racing bet or backing the high-odds challenger in a boxing match is fantastic, provided you can access your winnings. Online betting sites vary in their pay-out schedules and terms, so you will want to check the small print before handing over your cash. Some of the larger betting shops offer special fast withdrawal terms as part of their product range so check for this when choosing your site. 

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5. Best Cash-Out Features

Made an error, or changed your mind? For whatever reason, there may be occasions when you need to cancel your bet and get your money back. Cashing out returns your money to you and in some cases, there may be a fee. This can change depending at what stage of the event you cash out. It is likely you will get back less money than you placed on your bet, but this is still a useful option for when plans change. Make sure to check the cash-out fees and conditions of your betting website so you don’t get any nasty surprises.

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6. Best for Maximum Pay-Outs

Pay-outs for winning bets are so much sweeter if you are able to get a high pay-out. Many online betting sites and bookmakers have a limit on the amount of money they can pay out for a successful bet. Times vary and some sites may even require special arrangements to be made or require a waiting period before you can receive your payment. This can be frustrating if you’ve landed a big win and it is worth noting that different games may have different maximum pay-outs, with horse racing being one of the highest. 

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7. Best Promotions

The best online betting sites want to keep your custom, so along with sign-on bonuses and attractive loyalty schemes, many gambling websites will advertise attractive promotions for customers. Promotions can be things like free betting reward for the money that players spend. This could look something like “Specific free bet for every specific amount spent” or a “Free bet if your team loses”. This is all to entice players to keep betting on their site, but it’s free money for you so it’s worth taking advantage of the deal. 

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8. Best for Live Football Streaming

Football is the national sport in the UK so you will want to use a betting site that provides you with relevant information and streams the game so you can watch it live. Many bookmakers have adopted digital technology and designed apps to stream games and sports live to their customers. Having access to the game in real time allows customers to keep track of progress, place more bets, and view their winnings all in one place. 

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9. Best New Betting Sites

While some companies have been around since the mid-40s, others are relative newcomers to the world of betting. Online sports betting and gambling sites that are new to the game often present attractive offers to entice players. These sites typically don’t have any kind of brick-and-mortar presence like that of high-street bookmakers, but they can still offer appealing deals. Price boosts, a wide range of payment methods, and a percentage of cash back on losses are not uncommon incentives. 

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10. Best New Technology Betting Sites

With technological advancements and new digital capabilities allowing online gambling providers to supply new services, some platforms are highly advanced in terms of up-to-the-minute stats and virtual platform solutions. This can often mean prompt pay-out times when withdrawing funds. It can also include useful features such as cash out options.

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