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Google Pay UK Betting Sites

Google Pay is a convenient, secure way to deposit into betting accounts.

Betting sites for Google Pay are easy to use, offering a fast and secure means to pay with a variety of payment methods.

As you’d expect from Google, Google Pay is easy-to-use and extremely secure. It’s easy to set up and links to different payment methods, including debit cards, PayPal and bank accounts.

This is a guide to Google Pay betting sites and betting sites that offer Google Pay for deposits and withdrawals.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is an online payment service developed to provide users with a simple, secure way to send and receive money using different payment methods. The service is available on both Android and iOS devices and works with debit cards, PayPal and bank accounts.

Since Google Pay is linked to a user’s Google account, it uses the same enterprise-grade security as other Google products. This makes it one of the most secure payment methods available.

In addition, you use your Google login to access Google Pay, so if you’re signed in on Google already, you’ll be able to deposit into your account with just one or two clicks.

Google Pay works with Google Wallet, so users can easily store their credit and debit cards in the app. With Google Wallet, users can store their payment information in a secure digital wallet.

Google Pay for Sports Betting

A growing number of bookmakers and betting sites are offering Google Pay for deposits.

Depositing with Google Pay is simple and secure. Plus, you don’t need your card present – simply log in to your Google account, and you’ll be able to access any payment methods available.

How to Setup Google Pay

Step 1: Create a Google account

First, you’ll need a Google Account. You can create an account by choosing Google Pay from the betting site’s deposit menu.

Alternatively, you can create one separately and log in when you first use Google Pay.

Step 2: Set Up Google Pay

When you first use Google Pay, you’ll be prompted to add payment methods.

If you’ve used Google to pay before, e.g. through a Google Chrome browser, you might already have payment methods on your account. This might also be the case if you’ve made payments through the Google Play Store.

You can manage your payment methods by heading to the Google Pay website. You can also download the Google Play app for Android or iOS by heading to their respective app stores.

When you register for Google Pay and add payment methods, ensure all names match the name on the betting site. Like any other payment method, you can’t deposit into your betting account using a payment method that isn’t in your name. This will violate the betting site’s T&Cs.

Step 3: Deposit

When you log in to your betting account and deposit, you’ll see Google Pay if the betting site supports this as a payment method. Many bookmakers, betting sites and casinos offer Google Pay.

When you deposit, you’ll need to log in to your Google account if you’re not already logged in.

You’ll then be asked what payment method you want to use. Finally, you’ll need to verify the deposit, so you might need to type in your card’s 3-digit security number. Google may also text you a security code. Or, if enabled, you may be promoted to use your fingerprint to authorise the purchase.

Verifying payment methods

Some bookmakers and betting sites only accept Google Pay when the payment methods on the Google Pay account have been verified. Google provides a few ways to verify Google Pay, which you can view here. If you can’t deposit with Google Pay, follow the instructions to verify the card.

Can You Withdraw to Google Pay?

Up until recently, it wasn’t possible to withdraw money to Google Pay. Instead, you’d need to add a separate payment method, e.g. another debit card or bank account, and withdraw to that instead.

Some betting sites now allow players to withdraw directly to Google Pay. Withdrawing is similar to depositing – you’ll see Google Pay in your withdrawals if the option is available. If you withdraw to Google Pay, the money will be credited to the same card or account you used to deposit.

Of course, all deposits and withdrawals with Google Pay are subject to security checks.

Is Google Pay Free?

Google Pay is free to use.

Always check with the betting site to see if there are deposit or withdrawal fees.

Which Betting Sites Offer Google Pay?

Google Pay is now available in hundreds of countries worldwide, including the UK. So, many betting sites offer Google Pay, but it’s not guaranteed.

If you wish to use Google Pay, check to see if it’s available first. You might be able to spot the Google Pay logo, or you’ll find it listed on the site’s deposit section.

Sometimes, Google Pay is only accessible to those who have already deposited with other payment methods. Players may also need to verify their accounts for KYC before using Google Pay.

Once it’s set up, Google Pay is super-easy to use.

Why Use Google Pay for Betting Sites?

Google Pay is quick, secure and flexible.


1: Ease of use

Many people use Google Pay already, but if you don’t have it set up, it only takes a matter of minutes. Once set up on your betting account, Google Pay is extremely easy to use and links to multiple payment methods.

2: Secure and flexible

Google Pay is highly secure. It uses Google’s security and fraud protection. It also works on computers, phones, tablets and other devices. Both Android and iOS devices support Google Pay.

3: Wide availability of betting sites

Google Pay has become a popular way to deposit to betting accounts.


1: Not all sites accept Google Pay

Many betting sites accept Google Pay, but it’s not guaranteed.

2: May have to withdraw to a different payment method

You can’t always withdraw directly through Google Pay and may need to add another payment method for withdrawals.

3: Welcome bonuses

You may not be eligible for welcome bonuses if you deposit with Google Pay. If you wish to claim a welcome bonus or offer, always check the T&Cs.