Betting Sites Deposit Bonus

Betting Sites Deposit Bonus in the UK


When you are a new customer to a betting site, particularly if you have never placed a bet before, it can get a bit confusing with all the offers these sites are willing to give you. One of these offers is a deposit bonus, which tends to be exclusive to new customers of any and all betting sites. This article is going to outline what a deposit bonus is, its benefits, and how it differs to other bonuses that are available. 

Background Information

With the introduction of UK betting sites, what these sites tend to offer is a deposit bonus. Each site does this as a way to draw in new customers and to make them more attractive and appealing than their competitors. Where some people might be certain of which betting site they’re going to use, most likely due to their reputation, there might be others of you who would like to know what bonuses are on offer before you sign up. 

Information on deposit bonuses

A deposit bonus is the most common type of bonus you will see on betting sites and is what betting sites use as a way to get you to use their site. This is where the site will match the very first deposit you make on their site up to a certain %, which typically tends to be anywhere from 10% up to a massive 200%. These sites tend to make sure they are offering really good bonuses that can overtake their competitors in order to get more customers. 

As an example, you might make a deposit of £20 for your first bet and the site you go with is offering new customers a deposit bonus of 100%, which means they are completely matching your deposit, essentially doubling it to £40. This is a good and effective way of drawing new customers in as it means you should, on paper, get better returns for that amount. However, you need to be aware of the terms and conditions on each site in regard to their deposit bonuses.

It’s important to read through the deposit bonus terms and conditions when considering signing up for a betting site because just because they appear to be offering the best deposit bonus compared to their competitors, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all is as it seems. Some of these sites will have some specific terms and conditions, but there are a few general terms and conditions you might want to be aware of. 

One of these is wagering requirements. This is a requirement set out by the site on the number of times you can bet with the bonus before you can withdraw it. So even if the site is offering you a relatively big deposit bonus, this might mean that you have to play with it quite a few times before you can withdraw any winnings you might get. This could possibly mean that if you won the first few times, you might then place a few more bets, start to lose, and end up with nothing. 

There are also time limits for how long you can have this bonus without using it before it is taken from you. The majority of sites offer a time limit of one to two weeks, however, some might be longer and some might be shorter. So if you are planning on becoming a first-time customer, make sure you are likely to be placing a bet quite soon after you are given your deposit bonus to ensure you don’t lose it. 

Betting sites also tend to have payment methods that they don’t accept. They might allow some of these for you to be able to pay your deposit, but if you use this method, you might not qualify for the bonus. This is mostly any payment method that is classed as an e-wallet due to the anonymity of these and these sites need to know who the person is behind the payment method so you can easily be identified.

Finally, many betting sites set deposit and withdrawal limits. Check the terms and conditions of the deposit bonus to check beforehand that you’re depositing the minimum amount of money at least in order to receive the bonus. You also need to check the withdrawal limit because some of these might be higher than you might get back in returns, therefore requiring you to place more bets, which you might not want to do. If either of these doesn’t suit your needs, you might want to look around elsewhere. 

Difference between no deposit and deposit bonuses

We’ve already discussed in detail what a deposit bonus is, however, you might also have heard of no deposit offers. This is also a favourite amongst betters, particularly as it involves spending no money. All you have to do is sign up to the site and they’ll give you a no deposit bonus for free. 

But just like the deposit bonus, you need to make sure that you read the terms and conditions of this offer. Most betting sites will state that you can only withdraw this bonus if you later make a deposit on their site, which is mostly done to prevent people from continuously opening up different accounts with the site so they can get more no deposit bonuses. So even though this is essentially free money, it will involve you eventually spending some of your own money at a later date. 

Other betting bonuses

The deposit and no deposit bonuses are a firm favourite amongst new betting customers; however, there are other bonuses you can get as a new customer. These are free bets and reload bonuses. How the free bet works is you place a bet and in return, you will get a certain amount of money back, regardless of whether that bet wins or loses, for you to make other bets with.

Finally, there is the reload bonus, which is also for existing customers. Betting sites do this to help keep their existing customers on board so they don’t go elsewhere and essentially they will add more funds to your account if they notice it is running low. This can either be for customers who haven’t been as active, or for those who are regularly on the site, to ensure they stay put. 


To conclude, whenever you sign up to a betting site as a new customer or are an existing customer, you should make the most of any bonuses that are on offer. The deposit bonus for new customers offers a variety of benefits; just make sure to read the terms and conditions first to ensure you know exactly what you are signing up for.