Betting Sites Best Odds

Betting Sites Best Odds in the UK

While you used to go to your local betting shop when it was time to make a bet, you now have endless possibilities with a vast amount of betting sites online. These have made it much easier than ever to be able to place a bet from the comfort of your home or when you are out and about. However, with the amount of betting sites around on the web, it can be hard to choose which one to use to make a bet. After all, you want to ensure you make a wise decision that will leave you with the best chance of a win. Therefore, we discuss betting sites best odds so you know the kind of welcome offers and promotions available to you when starting up one of the many betting sites in the UK.

The UK betting market and regulations

With one of the largest gambling industries in the world, the UK is one of the most popular places for gambling. It’s been hugely popular over the decades with hundreds of people betting in shops across the country. With the rise of the online industry, this has meant the UK betting market has expanded greatly. In fact, according to figures in recent years, the UK’s betting market was at €63 million. This figure is only growing with shops still opening in towns across the country. With around 7000 shops, there are still several local betting shops available. It’s a stable industry that has only grown over the years and will continue to do so over the years. The UK gambling industry has to be regulated and this is done by the UK Gambling commission. They guide businesses in the industry, ensuring both the individuals gambling and the business themselves stay protected.

The growth of online betting in the UK

After the gambling act was created in 2005 which helped gambling to be legally advertised, it led to the rise of online betting sites. With gambling being completely legal while regulated, it allowed businesses to open online allowing them to be seen by a larger audience. Since then, this industry has grown with now a variety of sites online in the competitive and ever-growing industry. Online sites fulfilled the need for convenience, helping push the online platforms to the forefront of the betting industry in the UK. And therefore there has been a big change from traditional betting shops to online betting sites.

Sports and Football Betting Sites

Sports remain one of the main forms of the betting in the UK. With football bets nearly taking up a 50% share of the gambling market, it’s a popular form of betting. While football is very popular when making a bet, a lot of people also bet on sports such as horse racing, tennis and snooker to name a few. While betting shops were popular for sports betting, a lot of people have now headed online to betting sites for sports and football betting. In fact, it’s only prominent in person at races when it comes to horseracing. There are a lot of betting sites that are dedicated to individual sports.  Some are for specific events, e sports and even virtual sports.

They offer special promotions, especially if you are new to betting on a sport. They also offer some great deals when it comes to certain events. Premier League, Euros and the World Cup for instance ensure you have some great deals as well as Wimbledon and the Grand National. These deals often give you extra spins or a special discount when you place a bet. Of course in the case of signing up to these sports sites, you need to read the terms and conditions first before joining up and betting on the site. Some of these betting sites offer live sports streaming. That way, you can watch online after you make a bet which is similar to watching inside the betting shop on the high street.

 Betting Sites – Features and Advancements in Technology

With betting sites gaining popularity online, it’s led to a lot of different sites that all offer great features and advancement. There are constantly new sites being added all the time with great new promotions and offers available to you. A lot of the newest betting sites that are doing incredibly well are online casinos. They offer great welcome deals when you sign up and the casino games on these sites allow you to play them while on your mobile. That way, you can play while on the move and bet when you want to. It’s made it a lot more easier to access during your day. Also, online sportsbooks are now very popular with the latest wagers available via your mobile phone. Betting sites also have great game collections now with more choice than ever of what to play and when new ones arrive, there is often a great discount to be had when first playing the game.

Promotions and Offers

There are several promotions available to you when you join up for the first time on betting sites across the UK. From offering you a significant amount to get started when you make your first deposit to offering you a discount on betting on particular games, welcome offers are there to encourage loyalty to the site and to ensure you register. Some sites will double your money and even offer you the opportunity to play for more significant money prizes when you join. Some of the major players even offer you a large number of spins when you join up with a new account. Others give you a large bonus when you first open an account with a new site. You always need to make sure you can afford what you are betting and read the terms before you sign up.

 Once you are a member, you can get additional bonuses. For instance, if you spend a certain amount, they will give you a bonus to put towards a game. And others have good loyalty schemes so that you earn money back after you have spent certain amounts. You should also check the withdrawal times on the bet. Certain sites will make you wait a couple of working days while others are straight to your account. And ensure you read up on maximum payouts so you know where your money is going. Some of the major players offer a max win of 2 million while others are 1 million or less.