Betting Sites Paypal

UK Betting Sites Accept PayPal

Betting shops have been a popular part of the high street for many years. The first betting shops began when betting became legal in the early 1960’s. With the legality of betting shops, they began to open across the whole of the UK. For many years, betters would head to the high street to bet on popular sports and events in the UK. While they still have a prominence on the UK high street even today, the online betting world has expanded and thrived.

The first website to open was an online casino in the UK which was in 1994. This initially only had a couple of days but as the internet developed, more casinos with games arrived on the web. When the gambling act was passed in 2005, online betting flourished and a number of the top brands in the UK opened their own websites. Online betting provided the convenience that betters required. They could bet at the time they wanted to rather than having to wait to visit the shop to have a flutter.

Whether at night or first thing in the morning, the opportunity is there to have a bet. Also, it meant you can bet on your phone or tablet rather than in person. Therefore, people started taking a bet wherever they were in the world. Also, online sites were more interesting with a lot more game options available online. The bet odds also vary and bonuses make it more exciting for those wanting to make a bet.

Payments on Betting Sites

When making a deposit or a withdrawal on betting sites, there are several payment methods available. For those using betting sites, they want to ensure they use a safe and protective method, especially when dealing with large quantities of money. They want to feel rest assured there money is safely being added to the site and that they will be able to access it as quickly as possible when they do have a win on these sites. It can feel daunting when traditionally you would use cash to make a transaction in a betting shop and receive cash in return. While a lot of sites let you use credit and debit cards to add deposits or make withdrawals, there are a few now which allow you to use PayPal.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an e-wallet which first went public in 2002. It allows customers to create  an account which is connected to a credit or debit card. It then enables their customers to sent payments back and forth with other businesses and consumers through online money transactions. The platform is accessed via their website or can be used with their PayPal app. To register on the site, the person will have to prove their identification and set up an account with their name, email and full address. They will then be asked every time they use the site to confirm they are happy to proceed to use PayPal to pay the user. PayPal is the perfect go-between and millions of businesses worldwide use PayPal now for transactions.

A lot of users even use this to send money between friends and family. They have grown to now have over 400 million active users on the site. They have also in recent years started to offer their own PayPal credit. Therefore, they can offer you the chance to pay and then you can pay PayPal back overtime. When someone sends you money via your email or your company name, you can then choose to send this to your bank quickly. You can also keep it on your PayPal account to easily pay for things using this money saved in your account.

What are the Benefits and Disadvantages of PayPal in Betting?

With the popularity of PayPal, it’s not surprising now that some of the major brands in the betting world are using PayPal for their betting sites. Of course, each of the brands have their own rules regarding using PayPal for depositing and withdrawing funds. For instance, a couple of the major bookmakers in the UK allow you to use PayPal when you are depositing at least £10. Therefore, if you are looking to add a smaller amount to your account, you can’t use PayPal for this. To withdraw payments, the process takes around 24 hours to have the money in the account from PayPal.

Therefore, it’s a quick process to have the money compared to other withdrawal methods. But be wary that a few of the major bookies do need you to have a minimum withdrawal amount on your account before you access the money to transfer to your PayPal. So check out these rules before you try and withdraw any winnings to your account.

A number of the best betting sites also don’t charge any additional fees for betting on their sites via PayPal. This attracts customers to use these betting sites in the UK. After all, if you want to transfer the money to a credit card, it will charge you an amount to make this transfer. Therefore, always read the rules first before you try to withdraw. A lot of punters like PayPal as it offers them a safe way to transfer money and send money to their account. They can transfer large quantities and if anything does occur, they know they are protected by PayPal. Additionally, when they use PayPal as a payment method on betting sites, they are not using their actual bank details. So it feels a lot safer way to send and receive money through betting sites.

Do all Betting Sites Allow Use of PayPal?

Not all of the major brands online have decided to go down the PayPal route. A few don’t give you the option to use PayPal to send and receive money through their betting site. This can be down to payment method restrictions or due to fees from their end. Also, they can sometimes prefer you to not use PayPal and use their own site to set up an account using your own card. You might not be entitled to welcome offers and bonuses if you use PayPal. Therefore, you need to check you can use PayPal first before you start betting.