Betting Sites Deposit Methods

Betting Sites Deposit Payment Methods

Online gambling should be fun, exciting and truly engaging. But before signing up to a betting site and placing your first bet, you need to understand how the mechanics work – especially when it comes to how the site uses your money.

Betting sites deposit payment methods vary, depending on the bookmaker, their policies and the type of platform they are using. It is good to look at the different betting sites deposit payment methods to make sure you are comfortable with these, before parting with any money. Below are some of the main ways you can deposit money into an online betting site.

Debit Card

Debit card is one of the most popular betting sites deposit payment methods. It normally means linking your online banking account to your betting account via a safe and bank approved method. The app or site then stores your card details and you can automatically deposit money without having to put your long card number in each time. Make sure you check that the website is regulated because parting with any banking details. The site should have a clear policy on how it stores and uses your information which you should read first.

Credit Card

Gambling using a credit card is not available at all online betting sites. Some sites feel it is irresponsible to essentially put someone into debt during the gambling process. Gambling addiction can often involve spiraling into a serious amount of financial difficulty and responsible sites attempt to combat this by only allowing people to deposit money from debit cards or other pre-funded methods. However some sites do still allow credit cards to be used. Some websites will allow american express credit cards whereas others won’t. Please check the terms and conditions of the website before putting any credit card information into it.


Paypal is a safe, legal and regulated payment method that can be used to deposit money into an online betting site. You can pre fund your paypal account with a set amount of money and then transfer this money into your betting account as and when you need to use it. When you want to withdraw your winnings, they will be transferred back into your paypal wallet. You can then choose to keep the funds in your wallet, withdraw them into a bank account, or deposit it back into the betting site to play again. This method is good for people who want to control their spending by allocating a certain amount of money into their paypal wallet first, and using just the funds in that wallet for playing. It’s also good if you feel nervous about giving a betting site your bank details.

Apple Pay / Google Pay

Apple Pay is a popular modern method for depositing money into an online betting site or app from an apple device such as an iphone. You preload your Apple account wallet with your approved cards (including credit cards, debit cards and other methods) and then you can quickly and easily use your Apple Pay to deposit funds into your betting account, with Apple Pay selecting your preferred card as a payment method. This method means you only need to give the site your apple pay details and not your bank or credit card details.

Google Pay is very similar to Apple Pay in that you can use it from an android phone or a Google device.


A paysafecard is a very safe way to stay in control of your gambling spending. If you have found yourself overspending in the past and wish to put a cap on how much money you play with, then a paysafecard is a great way to go. Paysafe involves buying a paysafe card from a shop (there are 650,000 outlets offering this card worldwide) and transferring a set amount of money onto the card. This money can then be used online at a wide range of stores, including online betting shops. Once the card runs out of money you can top it up again. If you win a bet, the online betting site will be able to transfer your winnings onto your paysafe card in the same way they would a debit card or paypal account.

Deposit In Shop / Grid Card

A grid card is used by many popular betting sites that also have a brick and mortar shop. You can take our grid card to the shop, have it topped up, and then use it in the online betting shop. The grid card will only be usable in the associated online store (e.g. you won’t be able to top it up in one betting shop and use it in a different online betting shop). This method is often associated with exclusive offers and rewards, and is safe and reliable, putting you in full control of your finances. It’s particularly handy for those who like to do in-shop betting with an online flutter on the side.


AstroPay is accepted by some online betting sites and is a regulated and safe way to play. It’s a prepaid card account, 100% online, where you can deposit money and then use this money in a variety of online shops and stores. AstroPay is also ideal for anyone struggling to open a bank account, or whose bank account is not recognised in a particular country or website. AstroPay is internationally recognised.

Using online betting sites is safe and legal so long as the site is regulated. Make sure you always read the terms and conditions before putting your personal information into any online betting website. Also check with your bank if you suspect any unusual activity or if a transaction occurs that you were not expecting. It is important to make sure that you can also withdraw money to your chosen payment method. Online gambling is supposed to be fun and safe, so if you find yourself using funds that you cannot afford to lose, it’s time to call it a day.